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Preparing your dog for new years eve

Humans love fireworks, it is often beautiful, dramatic, loud, smells of powder and affects all our senses. However our dogs may view it differently. The … Read more

Introducing a new baby to your dog

If you are about to bring home your new baby for the first time it is a good idea to introduce the baby to your … Read more

How to housebreak your dog

How to house-train your new puppy It is a good idea to organize your new puppy coming home so that you can be home and give … Read more

How to buy a puppy

So you’re going to find the world’s cutest puppy to be a part of your family? Great. Let’s get started! Which puppy to choose? You have done … Read more

Unwanted behaviour in dogs

The dog has become one of mankind’s most popular pets and this with good reason. It can be very rewarding for both dog and human … Read more

From wolf to dog

After the first wolf learned not to bite the hand that fed it, there was not a long way from wolf to today’s French Poodle! … Read more

Different dogs needs different amounts of exercise

Not all dogs need the same amount of exercise. A dog’s need for exercise has little to do with the dog’s physical size, and a … Read more

Choosing the right dog food

Your dog’s diet is important for your dog’s health and behavior. The type of dog food you give your dog and how much have been … Read more

Brush your dog’s teeth

You should brush your dog’s teeth once a month or more, and at the annual vet check. Teeth accumulates tartar over the years, which occasionally must … Read more

A puppy’s start in its new home

After careful consideration you and your family have selected your new puppy and it is time for the new four-legged family member to enter your … Read more
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