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After careful consideration you and your family have selected your new puppy and it is time for the new four-legged family member to enter your home for the first time. What precautions should you take at home before the puppy arrives and what will it need in its new home from the very beginning? You will find the answers to these questions here.

A big change for a puppy
This is the first time that the little puppy is moved from the home that it has always known throughout its short life – namely with his mother and his siblings. This is a major shift for the little puppy, and it is important that you are aware of the dog puppy’s needs and make arrangements at your home before bringing the puppy home from the kennel.

What a dog puppy needs from its environment
The first people usually look at when checking into the finest hotel rooms is the bathroom. We know we’ll be using it sooner or later. Make sure you have considered the puppy’s toilet facilities and in which room it should live in its first week. A good starting place, for example is an enclosed utility room or kitchen with newspapers on the floor.

A puppy box is good
Another thing that most people check first when checking into a hotel room is how soft or hard the bed is. It is nice to have a good place to sleep when you are in unfamiliar surroundings. Your puppy has the same need, so make sure that it has a puppy crate or another suitable sleeping place. A puppy box is good because it is instinctive in a puppy (dating back to wolves) that a cave is safe and nice. It is nice for your little puppy to have his own puppy box. A puppy crate also ensures that the puppy can’t get out on its own and make trouble when you’re not watching the dog puppy. After all would you leave a baby free to roam the house on its own?

The puppy is curious
A grid box is good because the puppy can still see its new family from within the box, that helps make the puppy feel secure. If your puppy needs extra rest you can always put a towel over the box. If you expect your dog to fly with you later, it’s a good idea to use a travel box in the beginning as the puppy’s box, so the dog gets used to it. Whatever you choose make sure that it is padded with some towels or something else that is soft, so that the puppy can be warm and comfortable in its sleeping place.

A puppy’s stomach is fragile
One of the first and most unpleasant things that people may experience on an exotic journey is indigestion because our gastrointestinal system is not accustomed to the exotic food at our travel destination. Your puppy’s young and fragile stomach system can’t handle too exotic a change of diet in the beginning, so be sure to keep the dog on the same balanced diet, as it had at the kennel.

Chew toys are great
With food and drink, a place to sleep and its own room, the puppy is off to a great beginning in its new home, but most puppies can become bored rather quickly. So its’ a good idea to have some safe toys and things that the puppy dog can bite and play with. It is important for a puppy to have good safe things to bite because it has a natural urge to bite everything when it is developing its small teeth.

An urge for adventure in the world
A puppy, like adult dogs, needs to go on adventures, so make sure you have an appropriate puppy leash and dog collar right from the start, so that you can go out and explore the world together. It strengthens the bond between you.

A puppy safe home
Like you have to make a home baby safe, you must also make a home puppy safe. A puppy is much more mobile than a baby, and the puppy will be looking for fun items to chew in no time. Some plants are toxic to dogs, so make sure these are not accessible to the puppy and the same applies to other things that a dog puppy can get to at its level. It is a good idea to partition off an area so your puppy remains within it. A puppy has a nose for trouble and the mobility to find it, so be sure to really think about the things and objects your puppy can get at.

A puppy’s first collar
A puppy’s collar should be soft leather or nylon. The collar should be tight but loose enough that you can put two fingers in between the collar and the puppy’s neck. Just the same as children quickly grow out of their clothes, you can expect to change your puppy’s collar as it grows bigger. Keep an eye on the collar so that it doesn’t become too tight over time. The puppy’s first dog leash should be just under 6 feet long and preferably nylon or leather. Nylon is easy to wash. With that length of leash the dog has suitable space, but is still under the owner’s direct control.

A puppy’s water bowl
Your puppy’s water bowl is its only source of water, so make sure it is filled with fresh water always. It should also be as pure as a glass you would drink from. If a dog does not have access to a full and clean water bowl, it can easily get the idea to start drinking from the toilet, which can be dangerous to your dog’s health because most fluids used for cleaning toilets are toxic to dogs.

Limit your puppy’s free space
It is recommended that your puppy can only roam free in a limited space with a floor that is easy to clean in the beginning. Your puppy dog will not be unhappy that it doesn’t have more room in the beginning, it helps the puppy to feel safe. The limited space will also ensure that the rest of your house including your expensive rugs, carpets, shoes, furniture, etc. is safe from the puppy teeth or toilet accidents. In their teething phase puppies want to chew on everything. The puppy will also enjoy practising to attack your feet, if it becomes too much for you, you can always put your puppy dog back in its box with a teething toy.

Getting the dog from the kennel
When you go to get the dog from the kennel the first time, it’s a good idea to bring a couple of towels with you that you can wrap around the puppy dog so that it feels safe and warm. It is also likely that your puppy will pee on the way home, so the towels can act as a kind of absorbent diaper. If you go to get the dog puppy alone, you should have a travel box with you for the puppy. When the puppy dog is first brought into its new home make sure that it will not be frightened by too much attention from the whole family. It is of course only natural that everyone in your family wants to hold the cute little puppy, but it might be too much for the puppy and it is fragile.

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