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So you’re going to find the world’s cutest puppy to be a part of your family? Great. Let’s get started!

Which puppy to choose?
You have done your homework diligently about the breeds and have decided to buy a puppy at a specific kennel. Now it is time to go to the kennel for a closer look at the litter of puppies. You observe the 5 lovely puppies and they all look like the cutest puppy on four legs in the world. How do you choose between them?

Puppies have different characteristics
It is important to remember when making your choice that all puppies and dogs are individually different just like people are different. Your goal is to choose a puppy that matches your image of the perfect dog and your personality.

Is selecting a puppy a science?
Some dog experts and authors are of the opinion that it is an almost impossible task to predict character traits that the adult dog will have from observing a 7 to 10 weeks old puppy’s behavior. It is far from an exact science to be selecting a puppy, but for most new dog owners it is both mentally and emotionally satisfying to make an active choice.

What to look for in a dog puppy?
Most dog owners want an outgoing, gentle and friendly dog that matches the owner’s energy level. If you like to watch television on the sofa and hate walking, it is not a good idea to buy a dog with lots of energy and a great need for exercise. Even within the same breed, each dog can have a different energy level, and therefore it may well have important implications which puppy you choose.

It is optimal to observe the dog on several occasions
It can often help your decision if it is based on viewing the puppy more than once before you buy – preferably several times. The extroverted dogs are typically right in the middle of the puppy pack when they play and are neither the most dominant or docile. If you kneel down to the level of the puppies often the most curious and outgoing puppies will run to your feet and they will usually not fight to be put down again if you pick them up.

How is the puppy reacting to new people and new noises and movement?
You can pay attention to how comfortable the dog puppy seems to be in the company of people? It is also important if the dog puppy for example is afraid of sudden noises or movements? Many of these observations are common sense and you’ll be guaranteed to notice them even if you’re not conscious of it. Make sure you benefit from your observations in your decision, so it is not just about what color or pattern your new puppy must have. It is worth observing the dog puppy several times since its mood and energy may vary from day to day.

Your dog puppy’s upbringing is important
You must also remember that the environment you create for your puppy in its upbringing will influence the adult dog’s traits and the dog puppy’s life in your home is at least as important as the puppy you choose.

When are a dog puppy ready to leave his mother and siblings?
Once you have selected your new puppy is it a good idea to let your puppy stay with its mother and siblings until the puppy is 49 days old (7 weeks). Most dog experts recommend that puppies stay in their litter until it is 49 days old and is then moved directly to its new home with you. This is because a dog puppy still achieves important socialization in interactions with his mother and siblings during this time period. This early socialization will help your puppy when it later in life meets strange dogs in its path. It gives the puppy confidence to be its litter, so it can better handle the little surprises and stones on the road.

Puppies like playing with children
It is also important that your puppy from the very beginning becomes accustomed to the people in its surroundings – like the children it shares a home with and can play with. It is obviously important to keep an eye on the children so that they don’t mistreat the small, happy and fragile puppy.

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