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Afghan Hound

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The Afghan hound is a tall and athletic breed, which is characterized by its long silky coat. The long coat was meant to keep the dog warm during winter in the Afghan mountains. In Afghanistan the Afghan hound was mainly used for hare-hunt – a discipline well suited for the Afghan hound’s eminent sight and speed.

Character and behaviour
The temper of an Afghan hound can be both reserved and dignified contemporary with being clownish when happy. This breed’s independent way of behaviour makes it more difficult to train. Thus, it requires some work and patience to teach the Afghan hound different tricks.

The Afghan hound is popular in both the USA and Europe, but nowadays it is rarely used for hunting. However, it is often seen in dog shows exhibiting the long silky coat with its head held high.

History of the breed
The Afghan hound originates from the border territory between Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Within this area an array of local variants of the Afghan hound still exist (e.g. Kabul Tazi and Baikh Tazi). The Afghan hound we know today has changed immensely from its ancestors.

The Afghan hound is mainly bred with a view to refine the characteristic and beautiful silky coat. In order to get hold of an Afghan hound resembling the original a trip to the before mentioned border territory is necessary. The Afghan hound is presumably 5000 years old and thus one of the oldest breeds we know. In some countries the Afghan hound exists in a short haired variant.

Appearance, grooming and health
An Afghan hound is usually between 24-28 inches tall and weighs approximately 66 pounds. Its coat can vary from white to brown and due to its silky look is often considered one of the most beautiful coats. This breed does require a lot of grooming; including brushing, trimming and removing dead hair.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Gentle towards other people and dogs
  • Has a magnificent long, wavy, and silky coat available in different colours
  • A tall and athletic dog contemporary with being elegant
  • Will behave both aristocratic and clownish
  • Needs ample amounts of socialisation in order to keep the dog from becoming shy and reserved
  • Needs a fair share of exercise. Preferably with the opportunity of running free in a safe area
  • Not easy to train. And it takes time to house-train
  • Well developed hunting instincts and tends to chase small animals
  • Requires a lot of brushing and the coat also sheds a lot

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