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Aidi (Chien de l'Atlas)

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Aidi (Chien de l’Atlas) is a Moroccan dog breed used for guarding cattle, sheep and goats. An aidi also serves as an excellent hunting dog and scent dog. Furthermore it is used as a watch dog and rather popular in Morocco.

Character and behaviour
An aidi is energetic and protective towards its owner and its pack. This behaviour is due to a background as a working dog. An aidi makes a perfect watchdog capable of alarming and being physically frightening.

History of the breed
The aidi originates from Morocco near Sahara. The aidi worked and lived near the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Libya and Algeria. The main purpose was for the dog to protect its owner and a herd of cattle, sheep, or goats. Even though the original purpose of an aidi was as a guardian it is also a common pet in Morocco.

Appearance, grooming and health
An aidi has a slender but muscular body protected by a dense weather resistant coat and it has a tousled tail. It is approximately 22 inches and weighs 46 pounds. Typical colours in an aidi are white, black brown, or red brown.

What you should know about the breed:

  • An aidi requires a lot of exercise
  • Not suitable for first time dog owners
  • Can be trained and used for many purposes

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