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There is both an English and an American variant of the breed Cocker Spaniel. In each country the dog breed is just called Cocker Spaniel without regard to whether it refers to the English or the American variant. Cocker Spaniels were bred as hunting dogs.

Cocker Spaniels are a hardy, compact and well balanced dog. The dog breed is characterized by its intelligent expression and vigilance. Cocker Spaniels’s eyes must be dark and its hanging ears must reach down to the tip of the nose when pulled forward. A Cocker Spaniel’s tail is typically cut in North America and other countries where this practise is legal. The clipped tail’s length is typically 10-13 cm. (4-5 inches). For show dogs the tail is usually clipped closer to the body.

Cocker Spaniels history as a breed
Cocker Spaniel-like dogs have been found in art and literature for almost 500 years. Originally, Cocker Spaniels in England divided into land and water Cocker Spaniels. The differentiation between the spaniels that led to the current breed was first started in the 1800s. At this time the country spaniels were more specialized and types were grouped by weight.

Cocker Spaniels temperament

Cocker Spaniels are known for their friendly, faithful, playful and loving temperament. They are easily trained and are good as a medium-sized family dog. Cocker Spaniels are often linked closely to a single person in the family. Scientists have for some time been aware that there is a correlation between coat color and temperament.

This consistency is probably due to the color pigment melanin, which is biochemically comparable to the same structure as other chemicals that are characteristic to transmitting in the brain. The Cocker Spaniels behavior has been studied more than any other breed. According to a study by the University of Cambridge that involved approx. 1000 Cocker Spaniels throughout England, it was concluded that Cocker Spaniels with only one color fur were more likely to be aggressive in 12 out of 13 situations.

If you are considering to buy a Cocker Spaniel you should consider the following:

Would you like to have a dog that is:

  • Small and convenient in size but still sporting an athletic build.
  • Has a beautiful coat of many colors.
  • Is lively and playful.
  • Has a good-natured temperament and gets along great with other dogs.

This can be negative depending on your personal preferences:

  • The thick coat needs grooming, brushing and trimming.
  • A Cocker Spaniel sheds a lot.
  • The dog breed is known to bark.

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