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American Foxhound

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The American foxhound is a loving and gentle family dog, which resembles the English foxhound a lot. The only clear difference is the size of the two dogs. The American foxhound is lighter and taller which makes it faster than the English foxhound. The American foxhound is an excellent hunting dog full of energy. In addition, it loves food and thus should not be overfed.

Character and behaviour
The American foxhound is a hunting dog, which requires a lot of exercise and training. It is not suitable for living in an apartment, as it needs the opportunity to run around e.g. in a fenced in garden. Due to its hunting instinct it has a tendency to stray if it picks up a scent from an animal. It is important to be firm and confident during training sessions. And as with other breeds, it is important to socialise the dog as early as possible. Although leaving this dog alone with small non-canine animals is a bad idea.

The American foxhound is also a popular family dog in that it is really good with children. Friendly behaviour towards strangers may vary though. In some cases the dog may display protective behaviour towards strangers. In the USA, breeders have bred a line of the dog more suitable for exhibitions, thus diminishing the hunting instincts. This line of dog still requires a lot of exercise though.

History of the breed
The American foxhound descends from the English foxhound, which was imported from England in 1650. The English breed was then crossed with French hunting dogs and the American foxhound was developed from these. The Americans needed a faster dog for hunting foxes.

Today the American foxhound is still a typical hunting dog. It is incredibly fast and has great stamina. Most people use it for tracking, hunting, and agility and as a guard dog.

Appearance, grooming and health
The American foxhound is a large dog with long straight legs. It has a friendly expression thanks to its big, wide ears, which are set low. And the big brown eyes. The head is slightly domed and the muzzle is long with the over lip slightly hanging. The tail is long with a slight bend. All colours of the coat are acceptable.

The American foxhound is 21-25 inches and weighs 65-75 pounds.

The coat is short and hard and hardly requires any grooming. Besides, the breed is very healthy and does not suffer from genetic disorders often seen in pure breeds. However, it is important not to overfeed the dog given that it loves food and gains weight quickly.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Extremely active and tireless.
  • Not suitable for living in an apartment.
  • Thrives especially well with other dogs.
  • Really good with children.
  • Quickly gains weight, thus overfeeding should be avoided.
  • Excellent sense of smell.

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