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American Staffordshire Terrier

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The American Staffordshire terrier, also called the Am staff, is a muscular and confident breed. It is a friendly family dog, but may sometimes act threatening towards strangers. The Am staff is often confused with the more aggressive Pit bull terrier given that they look very much alike. The Am staff is a very agile and strong dog, which requires plenty of daily exercise.

Character and behaviour
The Am staff is an intelligent dog, which is very loyal towards its family. It is a gentle dog and it will always obey its owner. It is good with children and very lively. At the same time it is a brave dog, which is not afraid to take up the battle against threats to the family. It will fight to the death if provoked sufficiently. The Am staff may display aggressive behaviour towards other dogs thus making it incredible important to socialise the dog as early as possible.

The owner of an Am staff needs to project authority and set clear rules during training sessions. In this way you can become the lucky owner of a very affectionate and happy family dog.

History of the breed
The American Staffordshire terrier originates from the USA, where English Staffordshire bulldog terriers were imported for dogfights. Slowly, a large, sturdy, and intimidating breed, which did well in fights, was developed. However, it was important that the dog was friendly towards people at the same time.

When dogfights became illegal other features than aggression was enhanced in the breeding. And the Americans succeeded in developing the friendly, loving, and reliable dog we know today. Unfortunately, the aggressive genes were maintained in the Pit bull terrier, which the Am staff is often mistaken for.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Am staff is a medium sized dog, which is incredible muscular and agile at the same time. It has a wide head with a medium long rounded muzzle. The jaw is very strong and the lips should not be loose. The ears are small and set high. The eyes are dark and round and placed low in the head. The tail is relatively short.

The Am staff is 717-19 inches and weighs 57-67 pounds.

The coat is short with stiff hair, but very glossy. It may have all kinds of colour combinations, but according to the breed standard no more than 80 % should be white. Grooming consists of brushing now and then. Shedding for this breed is average.

Generally speaking a healthy breed, but some individuals may be prone to suffer from heart problems, hip dysplasia, allergies, or cataract.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Not aggressive, unless trained to be.
  • A friendly and loving breed, which loves its family.
  • Suitable for apartment living if it gets plenty of exercise.
  • Active indoor.
  • A lot of love towards people.

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