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Black Russian Terrier

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The Black Russian Terrier is a rare dog breed in most countries. The Black Russian Terrier isn’t really a Terrier as it is a large black dog that has been developed through the breeding of over 20 different dog breeds. It’s an intelligent and very loyal dog that bonds with its entire family.

Character and behavior
The Black Russian Terrier (or Black Russian) is quick to develop a protective behavior. That makes it important to socialize and train the dog in a firm but gentle manner. The Black Russian Terrier can live with other pets, dogs and animals but may display dominance towards other male dogs if the owner is not in complete control of the dog.

The Black Russian Terrier is a playful breed that is late to mature and does well with children. It is a social dog that likes to be near its family at all times. It is important that the dog is used to human company so that it doesn’t become aggressive. Provided with lots of exercise, leadership and love the Black Russian Terrier is a great family dog with lots of character and personality.

History of the breed
The Black Russian Terrier originates in the former USSR where the dog breed was developed because of a need for a working/military dog. The ambition was to develop a strong, hardy dog with a happy outlook that could handle the extreme weather conditions.

To achieve the wanted temperament of a confident, strong and protective dog the breeding started with mixing the Airedale Terrier, Russian Water Dog, New Foundland, Riesenschnauzer, Schnauzer and the Caucasian Ovcharka. Later on the breed was honed into the Black Russian Terrier as we know it today.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Black Russian Terrier is a large and square-looking dog. It’s muscular and hardy and gives the impression of great strength, athleticism, and courage. The eyes are medium-sized and dark. The ears are set high, triangular and folds over hanging. The chest is wide and the paws are big and wide. The tail is carried over the back.

The Black Russian Terrier weighs about 100-132 pounds and stands 26-30 inches tall. The Coat is black and may contain some grey. The coat is a double coat with a coarse outer guard hair over a softer undercoat. The coat is hard and dense and repels the weather.

The Black Russian has a low-shedding coat, and need grooming several times a week and trimming 2-3 times a year. The coat should form a beard and eyebrows on the face. The Black Russian is generally a healthy dog breed that can reach an average life span of 10-14 years.

What you should know about the Black Russian Terrier dog breed:

  • The Black Russian Terrier is a loyal dog that bonds with its family
  • With a working background this dog needs a lot of exercise to stay happy
  • Can live in an apartment if exercised properly
  • Will stay playful and puppy-like for a long time
  • Is good with children and an excellent family dog for the active family
  • Is a good guard dog with a protective instinct
  • Is an intelligent dog that is relatively easy to train
  • Will do well at work related tasks or Agility training

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