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Bordeaux Mastiff

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The Bordeaux mastiff, the dogue de Bordeaux, or the French mastiff all refers to the same dog, which is one of the oldest French breeds. Bordeuax mastiff is a powerful dog with a muscular body. The breed has been used for very different purposes e.g. pulling heavy objects, guarding cattle, or serving as watchdog on European castles.

Character and behaviour
The Bordeaux mastiff is actually a quiet, calm, and relaxed dog but will readily wake up if needed. Despite its large size a Bordeaux mastiff can be surprisingly athletic. It is not suitable for apartment living because of its size and the fact that it requires a lot of exercise in order to thrive. It is a very social dog that loves to spend time with its family and thrive on heavy social contact.

The Bordeaux mastiff can be stubborn; it thus requires extra efforts to train the dog. Early socialisation is necessary in order to prevent the dog from developing aggressive behaviour toward strangers and other dogs later on.

History of the breed

The Bordeaux mastiff is one of the oldest French dog breeds and can be dated back to the 15th century. It is believed to derive from south France near the city Bordeaux that the dog is named after. The Bordeaux mastiff is a working dog that was used as a watchdog on the French castles, for guarding cattle, and for pulling heavy objects.

Appearance, grooming and health
A Bordeaux mastiff typically weighs 125-149 pounds and it is 22-27 inches tall. Its coat is short and soft and does not require a lot of grooming. The main coat colour is fawn (light brown) with white markings allowed on chest and paws. Its powerful appearance should be expressed through muscles and breadth rather than height.

Also, the massive head is an important feature of the dog that is said to have the proportionally largest head of all dogs. Life expectancy is 9-12 years. There are usually eight puppies in a litter. The Bordeaux mastiff may suffer from breathing problems because of the shape of its head.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Drools and snores a lot.
  • Only requires minimal grooming.
  • Calm and quiet. Does not bark a lot indoor (when grown up).
  • Needs moderate exercise.
  • Excellent guard dog.
  • Needs socialisation early on in order to prevent aggressive behaviour.
  • Strong-minded and sometimes stubborn.

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