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The Brittany spaniel is a pointer, which requires a lot of exercise. It will have no problems functioning as a family dog as long as the family is active. It is a friendly and gentle dog, which will do everything to please its owner. It loves to retrieve and to swim, which at the same time is a good means of exercise.

Character and behaviour
The Brittany spaniel is an energetic, intelligent, and social breed. It adapts easily to different environments, as long as its basic needs are fulfilled. Thus, it is of utmost importance that the breed gets plenty of exercise each day because otherwise it will get hyperactive and unstable. Their endurance is unique, which make them perfect hunting dogs.

The Brittany spaniel is good with children, but should grow accustomed to them from puppy stage. It is generally important to socialise the Brittany spaniel as early as possible given that it has a tendency of straying. They are easy to train for hunting, but it is import to apply gentle methods, as it is a sensitive dog.

History of the breed
The Brittany spaniel originates from the French peninsula Bretagne, where French spaniels and English setters were crossed. It is one of the oldest pointing hunting dogs in France. It was used for all kinds of hunting and it is especially good at hunting birds. Today, the breed is one of the most popular pointers due to its size and good nature.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Brittany spaniel is a medium sized dog with long legs and a wedge shaped head. The nose is most often brown, but varies in colour depending on the colour of the coat. The ears are wide, v-shaped, and hanging down. Most Brittany spaniels are born with a short tail, if not, it is allowed to dock the tail.

The coat is light and slightly wavy without being curled. The hair is short on the head and on the front of the legs. The hair on the body and the back of the legs is long. The coat may have different colour combinations. It is easy to groom, as it only requires a brush through once in a while.

The Brittany spaniel is 17-21 inches and weighs 35-40 pounds.

It is generally speaking a healthy breed, but may be prone to suffer from hip dysplasia and seizures. Life expectancy is 12-15 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • A lively and happy dog.
  • Requires a lot of exercise in order to adapt.
  • Is not suitable for living in an apartment.
  • Resistant to cold and damp weather conditions.
  • Excellent hunting and family dog.

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