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A Eurasier is a great family dog and guard dog. It derives from Germany and is considered a relatively new breed. It bonds with its family and may seem reserved towards strangers. It does not like to be left alone all day. The Eurasier is calm indoor and active and lively outdoors.

Character and behaviour
The Eurasier is a lovely family dog not suitable as a working dog. It is loyal towards its family, which it loves to spend time with. It is good at obedience training and extremely easily trained. However, it does not like to carry out the same exercise successively given that it gets bored. It is especially good at agility.

The training of an Eurasier must be gentle but firm. If the dog senses hesitation in the owner it can become stubborn. It is generally speaking a calm and good-natured dog that easily adjusts to its surroundings. The Eurasier does not require a lot of exercise but enjoys a walk in the park or the garden. It does not have distinct hunting instincts and will hardly ever stray.

History of the breed
The Eurasier is a German breed that is related to the chow chow and the keeshound. It was the breeder Julius Wipfel, who decided to breed a spitz type in new colours and suitable as a family dog. He managed to develop a dog with the best qualities from the chow chow, keeshound, and Samoyed dog. First he crossed the chow chow with the keeshound. Their offspring was then crossed with the Samoyed thus creating the Eurasier.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Eurasier is a medium-sized dog with a friendly and charming expression. It is a spitz type and the head is therefore wedge shaped. The nose is black. The eyes are medium sized and dark. The ears are v-shaped and erect. The tail is medium long, rolled up, and carried up over the back.

The Eurasier is 20-24 inches tall and weighs 50-70 pounds.

The coat is medium long and bushy. The hair is long around the neck and short on the legs. The coat only requires minimal grooming and brushing it now and then is sufficient. In addition, it is self-cleaning. The coat can have all colours except for all white and liver. It is generally speaking a healthy breed but may be inclined to suffer from hip dysplasia and eye problems. Life expectancy is 11-13 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Bonds with its family
  • Not good at being alone
  • Does not require a lot of exercise
  • Intelligent and friendly
  • Easily trained and suitable for agility

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