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King Charles Spaniel

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The King Charles spaniel is closely related to the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The first mentioned is named after the English king, Charles II, who bred this breed on the basis of the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The King Charles spaniel is a gentle and happy dog, which is suitable as a family dog.

Character and behaviour
The King Charles spaniel is playful and loving at the same time. It is an intelligent breed, which will behave nicely if it is trained properly. Besides, it is good at obedience training and can easily learn different tricks. It is good with children as long as they treat the dog with respect. Seeing as it is a small dog play should be gentle. It is an excellent family dog that does not like to be left home alone.

A King Charles spaniel functions well with other dogs and pets. They are also good at adjusting to their surroundings and will do well in an apartment. This breed does not require a lot of exercise, but will always enjoy a walk in the woods. A King Charles spaniel is a true pet dog and feels comfortable in the sofa being the object of attention.

History of the breed
The King Charles spaniel comes from England where King Charles II. bred the breed. He wanted a smaller miniature spaniel. He then crossed the pug with the then miniature spaniel, which resembled today’s Cavalier King Charles. Thus, it is after King Charles II. that the breed got its name.

King Charles II was so enthusiastic about the breed that he introduced a law allowing the dogs to move all over the castle. They even attended official meetings and events.

Appearance, grooming and health
The King Charles spaniel is especially characterised by its flat nose, protuberant eyes, and very long ears. The head is relatively large compared to the rest of the body. The eyes are dark and the nose is black. The legs are short and the tail longhaired and hanging.

The King Charles spaniel is about 10 inches and weighs 9-12 pounds.

The coat is medium long and slightly wavy. It comes in four different colour combinations: Black-and-tan, reddish brown, black-white-tan, and white with red markings. The coat requires regular brushing, but no cutting.

Due to its short muzzle this breed may experience breathing difficulties. In addition, it is important that they are not strained in warm weather. Eye and ear problems might also appear with this breed. Life expectancy is 10-12 years.

What you should know about the dog:

  • A gentle and happy dog.
  • Does not require a lot of exercise
  • Suitable to live in an apartmen
  • t.

  • Good with children.
  • Loves to get attention from its owner.

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