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The Large Munsterlander is a German hunting dog, which is easy to train. It enjoys retrieving objects and is good with children and other pets. It shares origin with the Small Munsterlander, but it is not quite as popular. The Large Munsterlander is a suitable family dog as long as it is provided with plenty of exercise.

Character and behaviour
The Large Munsterlander is an intelligent breed, which is loyal towards its family and good at bonding with its owner. It is easy to train and will learn to sit and come when you call within the first six months of its life. It is especially suited for hunting and will hunt rodents and birds when outside. However, it will let cars, bikes, and joggers pass by.

The Large Munsterlander is a brave and obedient dog, but it is not a guard dog. If the dog needs to be home alone it is important that it gradually grows accustomed to be so; otherwise it will bark and destroy things. This breed is prepared to exercise and train in all kinds of weather and are seldom fatigued.

History of the breed
The Large Munsterlander is not directly connected to the Small Munsterlander, but on the contrary to the longhaired ‘Huehnerhunde’ (chicken dog). Both of these breeds originate from Germany. The longhaired chicken dog had brown/white puppies and black/white puppies. However, it was only the brown/white puppies, which were accepted as a pure bred longhaired, chicken dog. Thus, it was the discarded black/white puppies that became the foundation of the Large Munsterlander.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Large Munsterlander is a fast and well-proportioned dog. It is a large dog with a long head. The ears are long and hanging, which gives the dog a friendly expression. The eyes are dark with heavy eyelids. The legs are straight and it has hair between the toes. The tail has long hairs and is carried horizontally.

The Large Munsterlander is 23-25 inches and weighs 50-70 pounds.

The coat is smooth, dense and of medium length. It is slightly wavy and most often white with black markings and speckles. The head must be black.

The coat requires a lot of grooming. A thorough brush through every other day is necessary. Besides, this breed sheds quite a lot in the spring. It can be limited if brushed regularly.

It is a healthy breed, but some individuals may be prone to suffer from hip dysplasia. It is rarely seen though. Life expectancy is 12-13 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Very active breed, which requires plenty of exercise
  • .

  • Easy to train
  • .

  • Suitable for different kinds of hunting.
  • Not suitable for living in an apartment.
  • Sheds heavily in the spring.
  • Ready to go outside in all kinds of weather.

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