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The Puli is a Hungarian herding dog characterised by its cord-like coat that makes the Puli resemble a moving mop. The dreadlocks start to form when the puppy is 6 month old and they make the coat waterproof. It is a rare medium sized breed that is usually all black.

Character and behaviour
The Puli is an energetic and independent breed that is very easily trained and has strong herding instincts. It is protective of its family and herd. It is a social dog that thrives on being near its family.

The Puli loves to work and will do great on the agility field. It requires a lot of exercise thus not suitable for apartment living. The Puli barks when strangers approach the door.

History of the breed

The breed Puli derives from Hungary. It is thought that the Puli is of Asian origin and migrated to Hungary with the Magyars. Presumably, the dog dates back to the year 900 when Hungarian nomads used the dog for herding on the Hungarian Puszta (large steppe area).

The Puli was very important to the nomads and it is said that a shepherd was willing to pay an annual wage for a good Puli. Actually, the name ‘Puli’ means valuable in Hungarian.

Appearance, grooming and health

The main feature of a Puli is the cord-like coat. It requires a lot of work to keep the coat untangled. It can either be black, black with rust or grey nuances, fawn, or white.

The Puli is 15-18 inches tall and weighs 20-35 pounds.

What you should know about the breed:

  • The Puli requires a lot of grooming.
  • Protective of its family thus making socialisation recommendable.
  • Requires a lot of exercise in order to thrive.
  • Does not shed a lot. The dead hair is caught in the cords.
  • Carries a lot of dirt into the house.
  • Very independent and requires a consistent owner.
  • A very social dog.
  • Strong herding instincts.

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