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    EPS polystyrene foam recycling equipment is essential for the development of the foam industry At present, due to the lack of investment in professional foam recycling equipment and logistics systems in the foam recycling industry, most polystyrene products, that is, the white foam garbage that can be seen everywhere everyday, cannot be recycled. Due to the low density and large area of ​​polystyrene foam, it is more difficult to collect and store, but the return rate is relatively low, which makes many related industry companies prohibitive. Lack of in-depth understanding of the industry and the relevant national departments have not yet popularized the concept of foam waste recycling. In fact, if the foam material is compressed by professional foam compression recovery equipment, the density of the material usually changes from 30 kg / m3 to 330 kg / m3. EPS foam compressed blocks can be turned into high-value recyclable commodities for manufacturers of recycled plastic particles, which are used to produce mirror frames, photo frames and other products. Intech Environmental Protection GREENMAX mechanical equipment is a manufacturer of polystyrene foam plastic compressors. Its equipment uses the latest core technology in Europe and America, and provides one-stop recycling treatment recycling. It can reduce the size of EPS materials and the compression ratio can reach 1: 50-1: 90 (foam hot melt machine). The finished product is an EPS block with a density of 330kg / m3. Inco promises to repurchase the foam compression block processed by the GREENMAX equipment at market price to solve your worries.   Our on-board foam cold press greatly facilitates customers to transport EPS foam box waste to another recycling processing unit, allowing you to handle foam waste anytime, anywhere. After more than ten years of product upgrade development, we also provide customized services , Including conveyor belt, water circulation cooling system, automatic cut-off and silo customization. GREENMAX polystyrene foam processing equipment is mainly used for various types of foam waste treatment, including: EPE pearl cotton, EPS (polystyrene foam), EPP polypropylene, XPS insulation board materials, etc., which can meet the daily needs of various types of foam waste Recycling.   The fish box foam material that passes through the feeding bin of the Inco Environmental GREENMAX foam cold press will be shredded into small pieces by a double-row crushing knife, and then these foam scraps will enter the screw through the motor and then be cooled by the built-in screw hydraulic device. Pressed or hot melt extruded into blocks. GREENMAX foam recycling machine is based on Siemens control panel PLC automatic control system. It is safe and reliable. All our parts are from the world’s top 500 suppliers. All kinds of parts are combined into one machine, which is convenient to replace, thereby saving costs and power consumption. Through multiple experiments on styrofoam and continuous improvement of the R & D team at home and abroad, our equipment has greatly reduced both the difficulty of practical operation and the maintenance cost at a later stage.more on
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